The Jumping Gorilla 25kms – 8th Jan 2023, And we begin 2023 on a low high!

A short stint to begin the year 2023 and restrospect all the learnings from the runs done in 2022 especially when the goal is to make it to UTMB trails events across the globe in the coming years, a step back was necessary. To begin with, I can vouch for Jumping Gorilla trail run to be a apt platform to put your trainings to test and work on the imperfections.
Hands down, the route calls out for abundance of strength and conditioning regimes. It’s just not the climb but also the hot weather that tests your hydration profile and nutrition intake during the run. 
And yet another reason for doing The Jumping Gorilla Run is that it’s ITRA certified and a qualifier for Ultra Trail du Mont Hence the need to hit these trails gets equally important.

With not much stress of doing a a shorter run this time, I tried to be much relaxed and the only fact that kept me on my toes is waking up in the wee hours to attend the 5:30am start on the hill. I was up for it regardless the routine that takes place on a race day. 
The BIB was collected a day before and the start point was an unusual one from last time. This vantage point gave a 280 degree peek into the mighty mountains that you will be taking on. The 100km category runners were already on their foot and in process of digging their graves:). Yes, it gets tougher when you are bound to last longer on those hills.

With a very niche segment of runners making it to this trail is an obvious sign what it takes to be a ultra trail runner. The guts to be standing at the start line and the glory at the finish line is the visual witnessed by the onlookers but the story that unfolds between the start and the end is what defines the nitty gritty of a being who has dwelled into problem solver.

A jeep trail leading to the start line on race day and fairly colder surroundings, I stood myself among the other runners. The distance being less to conquer this time, I took it really easy and ensured that I keep my body in the comfort zone during the run. 
Just when you start, the first peak gives you or rather alerts you what you have signed up for. You are left panting if you tend to over exert at the initial stages of the run. 

A km or two with your head lamps on takes to highest elevation and your wait for the return journey to catch a glimpse of the surrounding in day light begins. 

The elevation profile above gives you the insight of how the rolling hills are going to play on your mind and at the same time give you enough time to recover for the next climb m Mind you, few climbs are quite tricky and technical and don’t be surprised if you have to literary crawl down or up on those mountain with you feet and hands.

The cool weather till the sun rises is quite enjoyable but your focus at the same time needs to be on the trail route with your head torch on and there is no compromise here. 
The water stations are adequately placed and if only helpful provided you are carrying your own hydration bag with you that fits in atleast litre of water. Your water intake will increase once the sun is out and you tend to loose a lot of salt and water at the same time. So, think wisely when recommended by the organisers during the briefing since this is a semi supported run. The major checkpoints will definitely have things that can quench your thirst and feed you but can get tricky if you are not planning to carry any backup on you. 

The 25km stretch was pretty straight forward, it was a 12.5km inside and 12.5 out, that sums up to the 25km mark. The onward journey does give you an idea of what you need to expect in return. There would also be a last detour that takes you to yet another climb and the very last of it to finish the run on a high. 
The initial 12.5kms looks doable comfortably but can leave you dehydrated on the way back if you are not carrying enough reserves. The route is meticulously marked , so you worries about loosing the path is not a worry any more. The red and white ribbons are placed strategically and the volunteers guide you enough for you to run as per the route laid down.

With not much stress to handle and a comparatively shorter distance at this event, it was a good start of the year and could compliment less to the way I responded physically as well as mentally to gain enough headstart to the year 2023 and work on being more efficient to approach future events. 

Jay Govind and Adinath – The founders of The Jumping Gorilla Trail Run!

Omi – On his recovery path, Cheers!

Short run, short blog, Happy Readers, Happy Me. Yaay.

And happy Jumping Gorilla too

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Until next time – #NextBigWhat
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